Nike KD8 commercial

Delighted that a section of my piece "I Am" was used in a recent Nike KD8 commercial. Sound designed and mixed by Echolab :)

Piano Day 2016

Piano Day 2016 is on monday the 28th of March (the 88th day of the year, and there are 88 keys on a standard piano)

Here's a piece I wrote for the occasion. 

I decided it'd be fun to try and write music using only sounds I could derive from my upright piano. So I bowed, plucked, hammered and hit it, sampling every aspect of the instrument. So I guess it's music from a piano, rather than straight up piano music.


CBBC's Brain Freeze

Season 2 of "Brain Freeze" starts today on CBBC. Had a lot of fun scoring it with Giles Packham from Waveform Studios. Astronaut Tim Peake was kind enough to tweet about the series from space. How cool is that!

Little Doll

Here's some music I wrote for a gorgeous short film called "Little Doll". It's directed by Kate Dolan and premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival next month.

"After a chance meeting in a toyshop, preteens Elenore and Alex have an instant connection. Alex invites her new friend for a group sleepover with her school friends.

Little Doll depicts the confusion and uncertainty of developing a same-sex first crush, while also trying to gain the acceptance of your peers".

Let's Dance

RIP David Bowie, here's a cover of "Let's Dance" (feat. Miss Paula Flynn)

You & Me single now on iTunes, Spotify, etc

"You & Me" by Stellarsound and Bennie Reilly (as heard on the IKEA Christmas commercial in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary) is now available on to download at your favourite online shops, happy christmas!


Mercedes commercial

Here's some EDM madness for Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz | The New A-Class - 
Sound Design and Music company : Echolab 
Director : Gavin Yin. 
Design Agency: JL Design. Advertising Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan.
Big thanks to Echolab for the audio wizardry!

Doctor in your House - Channel 4

Over the summer I did the music for a Channel 4 pilot called "Doctor in your House". It airs on Tuesday the 16th of November. Pleasure working with all at TwoFour on this!