IKEA "Cooking Together"

Had fun writing a bunch of songs for this new IKEA commercial (Czech Rep, Hungary, Slovakia). A pleasure working with the folks at Film Service in Prague and of course with lead singer/shouter Janet Grogan!

An Klondike/Dominion Creek

Recently completed the score to a 4 part drama called "An Klondike" (TG4), which will sell internationally as "Dominion Creek". Deadly to work on this gold mining tale, the studio was full of banjos, singers, slide guitars and all manor of strange noises for 5 weeks. They cut a 90 minute feature version for festival screenings, delighted to say it'll be the closing film at this year's Galway Film Fleadh. Above is a section of cues from the series :)


Let Us Prey cinema release

Let Us Prey is in cinemas across Ireland today, which is pretty great. To mark this I've made the opening theme a free download over on bandcamp. 


"Gather Up the Devils" single

To celebrate the Irish premiere of "Let Us Prey" next week at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival, here's the song from the credits. As well as the original you can hear remixes by the awesome Nanu Nanu and the brilliant Colin J. Morris. Enjoy!


It'll be available on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon from monday the 23rd of March. 

Game of War: Fire Age

I recently did the music for three global commercials for Game of War:Fire Age, here are the pieces!

Happy new year

Here are some of my favourite cues from 2014, a good year all round, and also my tenth year in business, hope you all have a happy new year :)

A Parting Gift

"A Parting Gift" airs this thursday on RTE1 (22.15). It's an interesting look at the process of body donation in Ireland, really worth a look if you've ever thought of leaving your body to science (as I have). Music by me, featuring some lovely flute playing by Vourneen Ryan.


More Let Us Prey score love.

"Let Us Prey" screened in Canada over the weekend at the Toronto After Dark Festival, here are a few reviews that came in - 

  • "Meanwhile, composer Steve Lynch delivers a menacing electronic score that excels at creating atmosphere and elevating tension." - Cinematically Enigmatic

  • "Featuring a cool Carpenter-esque score and crisp cinematography, Brian O’Malley’s feature film debut is a violently thrilling romp." - Cinema Axis

  • "With a backdrop of a fantastic musical score (as promised) there are fights, shootings, beatings, murders and attempted murders as things at the station escalate quickly and deadly for all those involved." - Killer Reviews

  • A heavily John Carpenter-esque electronic score is something that has become very popular in recent years, and I have knocked other films for using it.  LET US PREY uses this type of score very effectively, building tension slowly until the climax of the film. - Terror in Toronto

  • "Director Brian O'Malley is influenced by John Carpenter, as evidenced by the film’s excellent pulsating score." - Skon Movies

  • "The movie’s score is electronic and reminiscent of horror movies past. O’Malley, who has a love affair with electronica, describes it as “Carpenteresque”. It strikes the right mood and contributes to the tension. As the story escalates (and it does escalate!), so does the score. It keeps up with the action and scares beat for beat" - Geekpron

Under Armour

Here's a new commercial for Under Armour starring Stephen Curry. I remixed/reworked a piece written by Echolab to picture. Really cool getting to remix, such a fun process, and when the source material is so good then all you need to do is add a new flavour.

Electric Ireland Sting

Just did a new sting/mnemonic for Electric Ireland, which begins airing today. It'll be used across all their commercials. 

Enjoyed developing this over a few weeks with the guys in Cawley Nea, not always the easiest thing figuring out sonic branding, you need to find a tone and melody that will work across all existing and future ad types, hopefully we found it for Electric Ireland :)