Music for the OFFSET 2015 titles. Real fun working on this one!

Produced and directed by Golden Wolf

Creative director: ingi Erlingsson 
Art director / Writer: Ewen Stenhouse
Producer: Ant Baena
Production Assistant: Corina Priestley
Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Piccinini
Roto / Prep: Adam Orton
Animation: Ewen Stenhouse, Max Englehart, Alex Fernandez, Tim Whiting, Pedro Piccinini, Thea Glad, Frankie Swan, Jonathan Harris
Compositing: Max Englehart, Alex Fernandez
Shoot assistant: Iris Erlingsdottir

Live Action Production by Two Wheel Trike /

Cat #1: Girly
Cat #2: Sky
Cat #3: Jaffa
Cat Wrangler: Jill Clarke
VO: Donal Cox

Music Company : ECHOLAB /
Composer : Steve Lynch
Music Producer : Gavin Little
Sound Design : Gavin little, Joe McHugh

Live Action Colour Grade by Envy Post.