Stellar Sound is an award winning music company that specialises in commercials and films. It was set up in 2004 by composer Steve LynchNotable work includes "Let Us Prey" and the summer hit Let’s Dance (a David Bowie cover) for Ballygowan, which also won a Gold Shark Award for best use of music. Steve has composed for countless commercials, films and tv shows that have been shown both nationally and internationally, including the IFTA nominated score for "Saving the Titanic" and "Cromwell in Ireland" - both of which were recorded in Bratislava with a 40 piece orchestra.

The name Stellar Sound was chosen mainly because it’s more unusual than Steve’s own name, which unfortunately, is common as muck. Steve would like to point out for the record that he is neither Steve Lynch 80′s guitar legend nor Steve Lynch, popular comedic songwriter. He has no problem with either but you can see where it could get confusing