Five Voices: Mr Omondi’s Choir follows Irishman Gary Moore as he puts together a CD for
the Irish Christmas market using the best of local musical talent in Kenya.
Moore first travelled to Africa 15 years ago and since then has spent over 3 years travelling
and working there. In 2000 he drove from Cape Town to Ireland and published a book of
photographs called Children of Africa to raise funds for Children’s education in Africa.
During his drive through Africa he dreamt of tapping into the immense wealth of local music
and musicians as a means of raising more funds for children’s education. This would become a
project involving locals at it’s very heart – with Kenyans helping Kenyans.
In December 2003 Gary travelled back to Kenya to kick start the initiative. Aware that he
needed someone to drive the project on the ground, when he met Mr Omondi, a local
choirmaster in Nairobi, he knew he’d found his man. Mr Omondi set to work on training his
own choir and the choir in a girl’s remand centre.
In July 2005, following months of planning, Gary and music producer Steve Lynch returned to Kenya with twelve
weeks to audition for five signature voices from the best singers and musicians Kenya has to
offer, and to record them along with the two choirs, in studio, in the capital city of Nairobi.
Directed by award winning documentary maker Kim Bartley and narrated by Mundy, Five
Voices - Mr Omondi’s Choir offers a fresh insight into the urban and rural musical life of Kenya.

Music by Steve Lynch