“Steve Lynch, composer and producer from Stellar Sound, joined forces with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra to record the soundtrack to Cromwell in Ireland. Lynch travelled to Slovakia to record the documentary score at Bratislava Radio Studios. The score for Cromwell in Ireland is haunting, an attempt to draw as much emotion as possible out of the subject matter, to emphasise the sorrow as well as the darkness of Cromwell. The title theme was composed using the letters of his name and their alphabetic position to generate the musical phrase, literally spelling out ‘Cromwell’ through music”.  - www.rte.ie

CROMWELL IN IRELAND is a 2 x 52 minute HD drama-documentary series from Tile Films examining the great nemesis of Irish history – Oliver Cromwell. Starring Owen Roe as Oliver Cromwell, Declan Conlon as Hugh Dubh O’Neill and Catherine Walker as Elizabeth Price, CROMWELL IN IRELAND is directed by two-time IFTA winning Director Maurice Sweeney and presented by leading Irish historian, Dr Micheál Ó Siochrú. Shot on High Definition, CROMWELL IN IRELAND recreates one of the most bleak, brutal and war-torn eras in history. Large-scale dramatic reconstructions are combined with ground-breaking CGI to recreate the set piece sieges and battles that shaped Irish history for centuries to come.