More Let Us Prey score love.

"Let Us Prey" screened in Canada over the weekend at the Toronto After Dark Festival, here are a few reviews that came in - 

  • "Meanwhile, composer Steve Lynch delivers a menacing electronic score that excels at creating atmosphere and elevating tension." - Cinematically Enigmatic

  • "Featuring a cool Carpenter-esque score and crisp cinematography, Brian O’Malley’s feature film debut is a violently thrilling romp." - Cinema Axis

  • "With a backdrop of a fantastic musical score (as promised) there are fights, shootings, beatings, murders and attempted murders as things at the station escalate quickly and deadly for all those involved." - Killer Reviews

  • A heavily John Carpenter-esque electronic score is something that has become very popular in recent years, and I have knocked other films for using it.  LET US PREY uses this type of score very effectively, building tension slowly until the climax of the film. - Terror in Toronto

  • "Director Brian O'Malley is influenced by John Carpenter, as evidenced by the film’s excellent pulsating score." - Skon Movies

  • "The movie’s score is electronic and reminiscent of horror movies past. O’Malley, who has a love affair with electronica, describes it as “Carpenteresque”. It strikes the right mood and contributes to the tension. As the story escalates (and it does escalate!), so does the score. It keeps up with the action and scares beat for beat" - Geekpron